South Florida Photography.......The Denney Family

Friday, November 30, 2012

Have you ever thought of a situation that you never hoped to be in? 
Well, with every shoot that I do, I always do an equipment check. Battery check. Memory card check.
I failed to do the latter of the 3 for this shoot. It was a crazy day and I was losing my mind!
I got to the park a few minutes early to meet up with the Denney's. As I turned my camera on, an ugly E flashed on my screen.
E for EMPTY!
Seriously?? I wanted to die right there. Especially because the Denney family was pulling up right as I was throwing my head back to the Photography God's asking why me? ;)

I explained to Christy what happened and told her I'd only be a few minutes. 
Luckily, a Walgreen's was only about a mile away and saved the day. 
That will never, NEVER happen again! 

Aren't they such a cute family. 
Christy swears to me that #4 will be my girl.. I guess I will take the advice from a fellow "3 boys first" friend. 

Thank you, thank you Denney's for your patience and for a fun evening. 

South Florida Newborn Photography........Baby Luke

Such an angel. 
Just a few days old.. makes me so baby hungry. 
He was absolutely perfect.. not a peep out of him the entire time.

Thank you Taylor family for sharing your little guy with me for the day!!
Congratulations on your new addition..

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