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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Here is a very special family to me.. 
When my Husband signed to play with the Miami Dolphin's, we were so happy. 
My cousin Paul had been playing there for 3 years already, and I knew he would take Ray under his wing and watch out for him. Four seasons later, we were so lucky to still be in Miami. Especially with our Soliai family. When you're 2,700 miles away from 'home' it's nice to have real family around. I took these pictures a few days before we moved back to Utah. I think I shed a few tears behind the lens.

We've grown with each other over the years. Been through it all, and watched and help each other raise families. Spent every holiday, birthday and every weekend in between with them. 
Paul and Tasha have the biggest hearts. They are giving, too giving. But they love with all that they have and I love and miss them very much. Thank you Soliai's for all that you've done for my little family and for allowing me to take your family photos. Love LOVE you all!!


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